Ascend FS10 Features/Review

Hey guys, This is a feature review of the Ascend FS10 Kayak.

Ascend FS10 Fishing Kayak

Ascend FS10 Fishing Kayak

Hull Design – One of the stand-out features of the FS10 is its hull design. The kayak tracks extremely well and can turn easily. It does not drift easily in the wind and has minimal wake or hull slap.

Storage - There is dry storage immediately in front of the cock-pit. This area is great for Cellphones, Wallets, Cameras, GPS or any other item that you need to stay dry and handy at all times.

Comfort – The interior edges of the FS10 kayak are covered in a plush foam which should prevent scraps and bruises from bumping the sides of the kayak with your legs while maneuvering around.

Ascend FS10 Layout

Ascend FS10 Layout

Buoyancy –   One feature that sets the FS10 apart from other kayaks in the market is the insulation for flotation. Instead of using large foam blocks, the manufactures at Ascend opted for a “blow-in” type of flotation. This material allows for better flow in the kayak, increasing leg room and storage space.

Seat - The Seat is made of stainless-steel with cloth-back and sides. It is removable and very comfortable. I really like this seat.

Conclusion -The new Ascend FS10 kayak is a solid kayak for fishing lakes, streams, and inshore waters. The spray-in insulation and stainless-steel seat design set this kayak apart from the competition. I would recommend this kayak for my friends/family. At $499.99 it’s a very good deal and the kayak is tough enough to stand up to rocks, oyster beds, logs, and whatever else you may encounter in the water.

Ascend Kayak Fishing FS10

See you out there!


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